We offer an attendance system that is simple-everyone can get going at once.

TO Communicate AB receives its impetus from the following beliefs:

  • Students that are present in school and get the right support will meet their goals!
  • Parents, students and teachers want to be involved!
  • Teachers want to teach!
  • To get reliable statistics students should be responsible for reporting their own attendance

By offering a simple automated attendance system, we intend to reduce the administration, increase collaboration and provide attendance analysis that aids in finding tendencies to low attendance at an early stage.


Why ClickSystem?

To Communicate shall with the product ClickSystem, help to improve students performance in school and provide security and simplicity for students, teachers and parents. ClickSystem is an IT based attendance system that is simple, fun and practical to use. ClickSystem means that the time consuming presence management for teachers will be eased, teachers can focus on teaching and errors due to human error is greatly reduced.

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A wonderful Innovation!

(Note: Swedish links)
Have a look at this video! It is made by one of our schools as an information video, so fantastic!

TV4 News West, reports about ClickSystem:


Listen at SR about our smart attendance system.

Video for the nerds. 🙂

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